Progressing Work and Works in Progress

Repaired navy trouser with vintage paisley internal patch.
Reworked Polo Ralph Lauren denim: extensive distressing and internal thermal repairs. 70’s Vietnam-era 509 FMS patch and reclaimed WAR appliqué from a throwback Nike jersey.
Backside of aforementioned denim.
Reworked Polo Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply khaki pant: released hems, extensive distress and denim and Rugby thermal-lined repairs.
Backside of above pair. Pocket repair with desert camo bandana.
Reworked 1989 Belgian jigsaw camo smock. Removed neck shroud and internal pouch. Revised with Talon zipper for fullzip closure.
Split USAF camo jacket.
Backside of USAF split camo jacket with red paisley bandana heart with embroidered fixture
Extremist Denim: lots of steps to create the final version. Released hems, extreme distressing, leather knee patch, denim and flannel internal patching. Dyed, bleached. Dyed, bleached. Rehemmed
Backside of Extremist denim. Suede pocket repair.
Death of Designer: reworked Karl Lagerfeld hoodie. Internally patched with black denim and spray painted Reaper graphic.
Backside of above hoodie. Reclaimed 40 Oz. Van skull and cross hair print with burnt edges.

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