Winter Work Continues

Finally starting to get actual winter here, nearly into February. Been mild thus far, but COVID hasn’t let anything get back to some semblance of normal yet. Lotta time for ideas – lotta time for follow thru. Good quality Levi’s are never at a shortage, so it’s definitely an ideal base to work with.

Some struggles ensued with my machine, so I had to adjust my focus into trying to troubleshoot mechanical issues without any real technical know-how whatsoever. Forever learning, forever growing. I’ve been busy picking up new things in the past 10 months of diminished social activity – how couldn’t you with that time on your hands?

After a teardown of my machine (and a single one on my cheek), the frustration outweighed my patience and what they wanted for repair followed suit, so my favorite Singer was Simply laid to rest.

Check out the fruits of her labor below and the products of a new setup.

Destroyed and repaired 90’s Levi’s 505. Released hems, extensively distressed and reinforced with thermal waffle knit cotton.
Detailed shot of above.
Repaired “Invasive Thoughts” fatigue jacket.
Backside of above. Applique wings patch, embroidered finish, multiple camo cuts.
Arts + Crafts patchwork Levi’s 505. Released hems, featuring flannel, mismatched camo cuts, leather, knit cotton Polo Ralph Lauren bear, mesh camo shroud at lower left leg.
Arts + Crafts v2. Vintage corduroy with denim, camo, paisley bandana, flannel and open fatigue cargo pocket at knee for use.
Backside of above. Paisley bandana pocket fix and vintage 1976 Operation Sail 4th of July patch over cascading flannel cuts.

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