Stop the Sag? NY Senator Had Enough

I dunno if anyone’s heard or necessarily cares, but two long years ago, New York State senator Eric Adams schemed up the perfect campaign – “Stop the Sag” – which would effectively ban students in New York high schools from showing their stanking asses during classes.

In a recent op-ed piece with the New York Post, Adams is quoted as claiming that sagging your jeans is, “symbolic of the erosion of basic, normal decency” which is quite the pointed, etherous statement from a government official. He follows up with this absolute gem (which I’ve been screaming for fucking years anyways):

“When you walk through the halls of our schools, you see children showing their behind, the cracks of their behind, their underwear, young girls showing their G-strings. And the institution that’s supposed to be responsible for developing well-rounded young people is not stopping it.”

Why hasn’t Massachusetts taken a stand on sloppily dressed teens who seem to think New England winters won’t take a bite outta their exposed asses (no Freaknik)? We know young kids do dumb shit in high school – if you didn’t, chances are you A) lived a sheltered life; B) weren’t exactly part of the “in-crowd”; or C) graduated a virgin.

Regardless, I think it’s an effective campaign, although public school is infringing on the rights of students to be themselves, however they may be. Shit, if they did this when I was in school, class sizes woulda shrunk down, attendance would suffer, and the only kids walking at graduation woulda been rocking high-waters.

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