Nothing New Under the Sun



Everyone must know it’s gotten to a point where most every idea, at some time, has been attempted. It’s the nature of the ever-evolving world, but I’m feeling violated this morning.

Sad to say, some of the shit I say makes just a small percentage of folks shake their heads, forces them to the breaking point, or opens the door for attempted slander. Other shit, I see, get cornballs salivating over their keyboards, maliciously poaching things that come to MY mind. Oddly, not the first time this shit’s happened.

Once upon a time, maybe a year and change ago, a Facebook friend/Twitter follower was using my statuses and tweets and tryna pass them off as his own. Due to my keen eye (and helpful associates), I got hip and told dude the business. Kinda dumb stealing shit other people can see was stolen. It’s like walking into Nordstrom, stealing a custom-made piece of clothing, and wearing the shit back into the store. That same day.

Now, it seems someone managed to get his grubby little paws on my thoughts again, use them for his own, AND thought better of things and blocked me, not allowing me to view my own brainchildren. Normally, I might be flattered, but this has me wondering about larceny charges. Word to the wise – if you’re gonna poach, make sure I don’t know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that knows your bizarro ass, lest you be exposed as the fraud you are, b. Sadness.

UPDATE: Apparently dude went and viciously pulled them off his boy’s Facebook page…from outta state. Interstate conspiracy to accost ideas? Twilight Zone shit. At least buy me a bottle before you violate my privacy, please.

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