Burgers Vs. Steak (Love/Sex edition)

I know I’m not the only dude that’s ever heard some cliché type of shit when speaking about significant others/partners. There’s a veritable plethora of things that people say, but they probably haven’t taken much time to go ahead and look past just the written word and examine the conditions for which the phrases are created. You know me tho, always willing to go a little deeper.

Lemme throw this gem out there – “Why go out for burgers when you
steak at home?” For those that are a little new to the game (or to SnL), I’m gonna break it down for you. The meaning of this is more or less “why would you sell yourself short and cheat on that delicious prime cut of a woman you’re with?” Well, here could be a few possibly reasons.

  •  Steaks, although delicious, take some time to work with. Gotta pull em outta the package, season them, let them make love to the flames of the grill for a while before they’re ready to be consumed. Little bit of work.
  • Some dudes get useta the process of prepping that steak for a good meal. They get complacent with eating well and it takes them into a state of comfortability.
  • Time for a change. As much as we love the texture, the cut, and the taste of a quality steak, too much of a good thing can leave you ready to try something different.
  • Burgers are quick and cheap. Hasn’t everyone driven past a Burger King or Wendy’s and had their mouth water, knowing it’s wrong to want it?
  • Sometimes that juicy, succulent, easily attainable burgers just looks so fucking appetizing. Plus, it’s easier to devour it, lick your fingers, and keep it moving.

Now, I don’t think it’s outta the realm of possibility that dudes who consistently flock to local burger joints are better served saving their money up and splurging on a fine cut of prime. Definitely possible and females always like a well-conditioned man.

Look at the physical effects – too many sweet, sloppy, quick burgers leave you looking less than desirable. You end up carrying around extra baggage and struggling to get back into game shape. Don’t be a slop bucket. Get it together.

It’s a well known fact that people crave variety. Whether or not they can control their urges is entirely up to the consumer. A good cut of woman will leave your taste buds on a ride – you’ll feel satisfied, full, and happy. Burger type broads can leave you feeling dirty, ashamed, and inevitably looking for more.

Shit, “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?” Because some of these easily seduced chicks could be way, way past their expiration date anyway.

The choice is yours. If this metaphoric shit didn’t make it past your first line of, you probably shouldn’t eat red meat…

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